total body lift

Total Body Lift

Many men and women are not satisfied with their body appearance due to fat deposits, excess and saggy skin, stretch marks, and other issues. Total body lift surgery is the solution for such people.

All the body parts with such defects can be treated with specific body lift surgeries. Aging is the common reason for making your skin flabby and loose. But it is possible to correct these issues by this procedure. Let us explore more about this cosmetic surgical treatment.

Targeted Areas

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Breasts
  • Arm
  • Face
  • Buttocks
  • Vulva
total body lift

Are You Suitable for Total Body Lift Surgery?

You are eligible for this surgery only when you have a stable weight. You should be healthy enough and mentally stable for the procedure. It is necessary to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol to fasten the healing process.

If you have excess and saggy skin all over your body, then you can go for this surgery. But you need to book an appointment to meet the cosmetic surgeon who can check and mark the targeted body parts.

Benefits of Full Body Lift Surgery

  • Better appearance
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Tighten saggy or loose skin
  • Easy to lose fat deposits
  • Happiness and satisfaction
  • Better personality
  • Easy to maintain body fat and weight
  • Neck and facelift
  • Clothes will fit better

Types of Lifts

1. Upper

In the upper body lift procedure, all the changes are done on the top-most half body parts. It involves upper arms, back fat rolls, breasts, etc. All the parts are considered above the waistline. The cosmetic surgeon will decide whether to do the complete upper body lift procedure or a few body parts.

2. Mid

Sometimes, it is easy to lose weight, but it can make our skin loose and saggy. It is hard to treat the loose skin because the muscles are hard to tone. In the mid-body lift surgery, the fat deposits are removed from the abdomen and lower back. In case of any muscle damage, it is easy to treat them. The incisions are made along the waistline.

3. Lower

It is also known as circumferential lift, in which targeted body parts are hips, thighs, and buttocks. All the fat muscles or excess skin is removed. After that, the muscles are tightened to tone and lift them. The cosmetic surgeon will decide what body parts he needs to target to get the desired body structure.

4. Face Lift

Due to massive weight loss, you can also see visible signs of aging because of the sagging skin of your face. In the total body lift procedure, various facial features are also lifted. It includes wrinkles, double chin, eyelids, nose, saggy cheeks, etc.

How is Total Body Lift Surgery Done?

The entire procedure is done through several steps:

  • Targeting Body Parts: During the consultancy session, the cosmetic surgeon will target different body parts that need to be treated. He will check the fitness status of the patient and ensure whether to go ahead with the procedure.
  • Marking and Preparation: The targeted body parts are marked and prepared for the incisions.
  • Injecting Anesthesia: The cosmetic surgeon will inject local anesthesia to make you unconscious or numb your targeted areas.
  • Incisions: After injecting the anesthesia, the doctor will make incisions on the marked areas.
  • Infiltration: The doctor will inject the diluted anesthesia fluid into the marked area to avoid blood loss and soften the fat deposits. The fluid is infiltrated to maintain the quality and quantity of fat.
  • Fat Aspiration: With the help of the cannula, the fat cells are removed using the liposuction technique.
  • Stitches: After the removal of fat and tightening the skin, the incisions are closed with stitches.

Results of Total Body Lift Surgery

You can see visible results after the surgery. But you can also notice some swelling, scars, and redness. The doctor will ask you to wear compression clothes to reduce swelling. Within a few weeks and months, you will observe better results.

How to Recover from Full Body Lift Surgery?

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol to fasten the healing process. You must wear compression clothes and take prescribed medicines. It is necessary to visit the cosmetic surgeon to know how much you are healed. Within a few weeks and months, you can recover from the surgery. When it comes to scars, they will fade away with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Will It Take to Fade Scars?

You need to avoid smoking if you want to fasten the healing process or fade scars quickly. The scars will fade away with time, and you need to have enough patience.

2. Should I Follow the Diet to Maintain the Results?

Yes, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want the results to be long-lasting. You must take a good diet and exercise regularly.

3. What Medications Will My Cosmetic Surgeon Prescribe?

He can prescribe pain killers and antibiotics that will help your body to heal quickly and avoid pain.

4. What Body Parts are Targeted in the Full Body Lift Surgery?

The targeted body parts in this surgery are breasts, hips, thighs, abdomen, face, back, neck, etc. The cosmetic surgeon will check your body and suggest different procedures for your targeted body parts.


  • After full-body lift surgery, I got the desired body. Whenever I see myself in the mirror, I feel confident. All the money that I have spent on this surgery is worth it.
  • Getting back to my original slim body was not easy after pregnancy. But then, my friend suggested me this surgery. Now, I am slim, confident, and active because there are fat deposits and saggy skin. Thanks to my cosmetic surgeon!
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