Lip Reshaping

Lip Reduction (Reshaping) Surgery

A large number of men and women undergo lip augmentation surgery to increase the size of the lower or upper lip or both. However, there are some people who are not happy and satisfied with the large size of their lips. Those who have large lips might feel self-conscious about their facial appearance. This also affects their self-confidence. What not many people know is that there is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reduce the size of large lips so that they come in proportion with the rest of your facial features.
They can visit the Luxury Aesthetics Centre to get the desired lip shape and volume with the best lip reduction surgery in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India). The expert surgeon will work with each client to check whether they are a candidate for lip reduction surgery.

Lip Reduction Treatments at Luxury Aesthetics Centre

Surgical Correction

Lip reduction surgery is done to balance out the facial features of an individual. For some patients, protuberant lips can detract from their facial features while for others fuller lips can make an individual aesthetically more appealing. Hence, surgery is done to balance the lips shape.

Dermal Fillers

In some cases one of the lips (upper or lower is enhanced in size). In such a case dermal filler is injected in the lip that is smaller in size. So that the balance of the lips is maintained. Read More

Injections – Fat Transfer

In this procedure, autologous fat from your body is taken through liposuction from some other body part and injected into your lips. Administration of injections might be required until you get the desired outcome.

Injection – Fillers

Fillers made from synthetic biocompatible or a natural material like hyaluronic or collagen acid acts as a substitute to plump up the lips. You can get the desired results in one sitting. The results for this treatment are temporary and you might have to repeat injections.

Types of Lips Cosmetic Surgeries

A. Lip Augmentation (Filler) Surgery

Full, sensual and attractive lips have always been a dream of many people. They give your facial appearance and aesthetic appeal. If you are not happy with the appearance of your lips, you can consider undergoing Lip Augmentation in Delhi at Luxury Aesthetics Centre.

It is performed with dermal fillers or lip implants to plump up lips and improve the facial look. Those who have thin lips can get the best results from this cosmetic surgery procedure. Recovery time after this surgery is short making lip augmentation one of the popular and easiest ways to make the face attractive and appealing.

There are different techniques to perform lip augmentation surgery. Cosmetic surgeons  in Delhi at Luxury Aesthetics Centre will give you options depending on your recovery time frame and aesthetic goals. It might be necessary to undergo two or more of these cosmetic procedures to get the right look.

B. Lip Reduction Surgery

Lip reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed to improve the shape and size of large lips. The procedure is performed under local or general anaesthesia depending on the choice and preference of a patient and surgeon.

It is a daycare procedure. It is a surgical reduction of both lower and upper lips or both lips together. In this surgical procedure, the incisions are made on the inner surface of the lip through which an elliptical strip of excess tissue is removed for reducing the plumpness of the lips.

A W-plasty excision, in which the incision is made in a zigzag form like a W, can also be performed for achieving aesthetic results. Upper lift is performed by removing a strip of skin from the upper lip at its point with the nose so that it can give better and promising results with minimal scarring.

Who is the right candidate for lip augmentation surgery?

There are several that make this cosmetic surgery procedure popular. Here are some reasons you might want to consider lip augmentation surgery.

  • Ideal candidates for lip augmentation are those who want to create a fuller look or plump up thin lips. If you smile and your top or both lips disappear, you can benefit from lip augmentation surgery.
  • Some methods can enhance the appearance of uneven lips, the mouth’s shape, and gum-show when you smile.

  • In contrast, if your lip overwhelms your face or your lips are too large, you can discuss with your plastic surgeon about lip reduction surgery.
  • If you are in overall good health, realistic expectations, and have a positive attitude, you are an ideal candidate for this cosmetic surgery procedure.

One can visit the Luxury Aesthetics Centre to get the desired lip shape and volume with the best lip augmentation treatment in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India).

Why consider undergoing lip augmentation?

If you have thin, asymmetrical, or lined lips then you can consult a cosmetic surgeon at Luxury Aesthetics Centre to find out about Lip Enhancement Surgery in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India). Our team of cosmetic surgeons is experienced, qualified, and trained to ensure you get the best results for this surgery. The treatment can address your concerns so that you can feel more confident when you smile.

Some changes that a trained and experienced plastic surgeon can make through lip augmentation surgery include:

  • Improve symmetry between the lower and upper lip
  • Restore volume to ageing or thin lips
  • Refine the shape of flat or thin lips
  • Smooth vertical lip lines.

Get the best results and cost of lip augmentation surgery at Luxury Aesthetics Centre, to plump up and shape your lips, restoring youthful volume of the lower lip, upper lip, or both lips by the best lip augmentation or lip enhancement surgeon in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India). 

What causes large lips?

Several reasons and factors contribute to large lips includes:

  • Injury to the lips
  • Genetic reasons
  • Congenital defects
  • Unsatisfactory lip augmentation.
  • Dentofacial deformities.
  • Generalised thickness of the lips
  • Inflammatory infiltration
  • Infection
  • Lip reduction.

Who are the ideal candidates for lip reduction surgery?

If you are considering this surgery, then you should know if you qualify for the procedure. Consult the experts now at Luxury Aesthetics Centre to know if you are an ideal candidate for lip reduction treatment in Delhi.

  • An ideal candidate should have a stable weight and be a non-smoker.
  • Should have good health, a positive attitude, and realistic expectation with the procedure.
  • Those who are neither satisfied nor happy with the results of the lip augmentation.
  • Those who have large lips that are not in proportion with the rest of the facial features.

Lip reduction is an outpatient surgery that is prepared to make lips look in proportion and harmony with the rest of the facial features. The procedure is an ideal choice for those who want to decrease the volume of their lips.

At Luxury Aesthetics Centre, the surgery is performed by experienced, skilled, and trained cosmetic surgeons. Our team of cosmetic surgeons in Delhi has years of experience that gives them an edge over others. We are equipped with some of the most advanced and latest equipment and technology so that you can get the best results.

Get the best cost of lip reduction surgery in Delhi at Luxury Aesthetics Centre to reducing the volume of the lower lip, upper lip, or both lips by the board certified cosmetic & plastic surgeon / best lip reduction or lip reshaping surgeon in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India).

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I eat and drink without restrictions after lip augmentation?

Sipping liquids through a straw is not recommended for a few days after the treatment. Other than salty foods and alcoholic beverages that can make lips swell even more than the initial few days after treatment, you can eat and drink anything. But, you must also avoid having messy foods that may cause you to wipe your lips or face, for at least 24 hours.

How long do the results of lip filler last?

This depends upon the type of lip filler used, your age, and how fast your body metabolises it. Most of the lip fillers that are hyaluronic acid-based last for anywhere between 6 to 9 months. If you want year-round plump lips, you can get additional booster top-up treatments after every 6 months to a year. If you require subtle results, you must go for yearly filler treatments.

Is lip augmentation with fillers painful?

Lip filler is a non-surgical treatment that does not involve making any cuts or use of sutures. It is an injectable treatment during which you may feel mild discomfort. Most patients feel like a tiny scratch as the filler injection is administered into the lips and a tingling sensation after fillers are emptied into the lips. Advanced lip filler injections come with a numbing agent and therefore patients will experience no or minimal pain. If you are feeling anxious, you can get a numbing cream applied over the lips beforehand to completely undergo a pain-free treatment. 

What are the different options for lip augmentation?

Cosmetic lip fillers, fat transfers, and lip implants are different ways by which you can augment your lips- create fuller lips. Lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid or collagen protein derived from bovine or animal. In fat transfers, the extra undesirable fat is taken from any fatty body parts and injected into the lips. Lip implant is a surgical method in which incisions are made and lip implants are placed to enhance the lip's shape and size for a lifetime.

How much time does the lip reduction procedure take?

The entire surgical procedure lasts for an hour or two. A patient can go home after the procedure. It is a daycare surgery and hospitalisation is not required. However, in some cases, patients might have to stay in the hospital for a day or two.

How to take care of the surgery site and precautions you have to take after the procedure?

You might experience some difficulty in chewing and speaking because of swelling. During the recovery process, you will be advised to take a soft and liquid diet. Pain and discomfort can be controlled and managed with painkillers and antibiotics. Medicines are prescribed to reduce swelling as well. The doctor might recommend a semi-solid diet as you recover and heal. Swelling subsides within seven to ten days. Absorbable stitches might dissolve within ten to twelve days. It will take a few weeks to fully recover from the procedure.

To get the best results from lip reduction surgery, make sure you follow the instructions given by the surgeon.

How to prepare for lip augmentation procedure?

Before undergoing lip augmentation surgery, you will be given instructions by the cosmetic surgeon. Make sure you follow them to get the best results.

If you are undergoing lip implant and fat transfer procedures, you should: 

  • Not wear contact lenses, make-up, and jewellery on the day of the procedure.
  • Avoid drinking or eating any meal or food after midnight on the day of the surgery.
  • Have someone drive home after the procedure.
  • Stop intake of vitamins, herbs, and medications a few weeks before the lip enhancement surgery.
  • Wear comfortable clothes on the day of the procedure.
  • The lip augmentation surgery with dermal fillers is a less invasive procedure compared to the placement of lip implants, and the fat transfer with liposuction.


The recovery period after lip augmentation surgery is short. In most cases, patients can get back to their normal routine within a day or two after the procedure.

Does Lip reduction surgery hurt?

During lip reduction surgery, the patients usually don’t feel any pain because they are provided with local anaesthesia that numbs the lips. Once the effect of anaesthesia wears off, mild to moderate pain may be experienced by the patients. To get relief from post-surgical pain or discomfort like swelling, pain-relieving medications are recommended by the surgeon.

What are the risks and complications associated with lip reduction surgery?

Just like any other surgery, lip reduction surgery is also associated with some risks and complications. It may include:

  • Swelling
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection at the incision site
  • Intense pain
  • Troubled eating even after a few days of surgery
  • If there are any complications other than these, you must promptly consult your doctor.

How much time will it take to recover from lip reduction surgery?

The recovery time varies for every patient as every patient is different. The average time taken for lips to completely heal following lip reduction surgery is 7 to 10 days. During this time, the patients may need to take leave from their work.
The swelling resolves within a couple of days but the lips may appear slightly larger than before for 1-2 months. Swelling, numbness, and tightness may last for some weeks to months. The incision site may appear irregular for a few days. The improvement in the lips' appearance continues for up to 4 months after the surgery.

How much does it cost to make lips surgically smaller in size?

Lip reduction surgery provides lifetime results and so requires a one-time money investment. The actual cost of the surgery depends upon the surgeon’s expertise, the location of the centre where the surgery is performed, and the length and involvement of the surgery. Whatever may be the cost of lip reduction surgery, the patients need to pay from their pocket. That’s because it is an aesthetic surgery that insurance does not cover.

Cost of Lip Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Luxury Aesthetics Centre offers the most affordable lip reduction cost in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India). And that too without compromising on quality. You can contact us right away to know more about our cost-effective lower lip, upper lip, or both lips, lip reduction or lip reshaping surgery packages in Delhi.

Can I be allergic to lip fillers?

Lip fillers usually contain hyaluronic acid. As hyaluronic acid is the basic building block of the skin and is even naturally found in the joints and connective tissues, it’s rare to have an allergic response to it. Nowadays, lip fillers contain numbing agents like lidocaine. Even these do not cause allergies.

Will lip reduction surgery leave behind scars?

As the incision is made on the inner side of the mouth, the surgical scars will remain hidden. It will become nearly invisible once completely healed.

Meet the experts now at Luxury Aesthetics Centre to get the benefits of lip reshaping treatment in Delhi and achieve the desired lips shape that enhance your confidence.

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