Facial Hair Reduction

Facial Hair Reduction

Everyone has hair on their face and body. However, many people, especially women, are bothered by the excess or undesirable hair that grows on their face. For women, hair on certain facial areas like the upper lips and chin lowers their facial aesthetics. Thankfully, various hair removal methods can help them get rid of undesirable hair. Among them, laser hair reduction technology in Delhi performed at Luxury Aesthetics Centre provides a long-term solution for hair-free skin.

Face Laser Hair Reduction Technologies at Luxury Aesthetics Centre:

Soprano Titanium Laser

It is a high-end solution laser technology that features TRIO 4cm2 which is an efficient applicator with a large spot size. It provides faster and pain-free facial hair reduction. The laser device has an SHR stack that... Read More

Cutera ND: YAG laser

Cutera was the first to develop a high-powered laser device for permanent hair removal for all skin types. It provides the safest wavelength i.e. 1064nm for permanent facial hair reduction for dark complexioned and tanned face.

What is laser facial hair reduction?

Laser facial hair reduction in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India) performed at Luxury Aesthetics Centre is a minimally invasive, advanced hair removal technique that is performed by laser doctors and skin professionals. It targets the removal of unwelcome hair on the upper lips, sides of the face, chin, nose, unibrow, and ear. The lasers used for facial hair reduction emit a concentrated light beam of a specific wavelength that gets absorbed only by the melanin (coloured pigment) present at the hair roots. When laser light reaches the melanin of the hair, it produces heat that damages the hair follicles and prevents future hair growth.
Looking for permanent facial hair reduction in Delhi? Try out the latest laser technology offered by Luxury Aesthetics Centre. Book an appointment today! At Luxury Aesthetics Centre, we provide varieties of advanced lasers for facial hair reduction, thereby offering safe and effective treatment for all skin and hair types.

How to prepare for facial hair reduction?

Before going for a laser facial hair reduction session, the candidates have to follow some pre-treatment advice. The laser experts at Luxury Aesthetics Centre, laser hair removal clinic in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India) recommend the candidates to:

  • Arrive at the clinic with a shaved treatment site. Shaving must be done the night before or the morning of the scheduled date of the treatment.
  • Do not wax or tweeze the unwanted facial hair for at least 3 weeks prior to the appointment.
  • Avoid direct exposure of the face to the sunlight and use self-tanners like tanning beds and creams for at least a month before the treatment.
  • Discontinue the use of antibiotics, retin-oid-based products, and any prescribed topicals or other facial treatments in the treatment area for two weeks beforehand.
What to expect from facial hair reduction treatment at Luxury Aesthetics Centre?

Facial hair reduction using lasers takes only 15-20 minutes of the candidate’s time. Throughout the laser session, the candidates as well as the practitioner need to wear protective eyewear. Before using the laser device, the practitioner applies a special gel on the skin of the treatment area to help the laser beam reach the targeted hair follicles. The practitioner adjusts the laser device settings as per the targeted hair thickness, location, and even the skin color and hair and does a patch test.

A numbing cream may be applied to reduce discomfort caused during the procedure. However, it may not be required for lasers with the in-built cooling system. When the laser device is pressed against the facial skin, it typically feels like a warm pin prick sensation or like a rubber band snapped against the skin. Following the treatment, the skin of the treated facial areas appears slightly red or mildly irritated. Such side effects usually resolve within 24 hours. The actual results may be noticed a few weeks after the laser session.

The desired facial hair reduction is possible with consistent laser treatments. After every laser session, the facial hair takes time to grow back and when it does it is much finer and lighter coloured than earlier. For achieving 75 to 95% facial hair reduction, the candidates are expected to undergo multiple laser sessions spaced weeks apart. The exact number of laser sessions to get optimal results depends upon the size of the area being treated, texture/density/thickness of hair, hair colour, hair growth tendency, and the type of laser device being used.

Benefits of facial hair reduction using laser
  • No side effects- Lasers are safe and very effective for facial hair removal on all skin and hair types. The laser light precisely targets the roots of the undesirable hair and does not harm the skin surface.
  • No downtime-  Laser facial hair reduction is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive hair removal technique with absolutely zero downtime.
  • Virtually pain-free treatment- Luxury Aesthetics Centre uses advanced lasers in Delhi that come fitted with ice-cooling technology that makes the laser facial hair reduction pain-free.
  • Permanent hair reduction- Lasers cause thermal damage to the hair follicles and prevent future hair growth, thereby offering a lifetime solution to the unwanted hair on the face.
  • Cost-effective treatment- In comparison to other facial hair removal methods, lasers are more affordable in the long run.
  • No ingrown hair and prickly skin- Facial hair reduction using lasers treat ingrown hair and does not leave behind irritated skin as results in repetitive threading, waxing, or shaving.
  • Most feasible and time-saving hair removal- For women who need to go to salons frequently for waxing or threading, laser facial hair reduction is the most convenient and saves a lot of their time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What aftercare is required after laser face hair reduction?

  • Apply aloe vera, cool packs, or soothing creams to get relief from temporary discomfort.
  • It's allowed to apply mineral-based make-up following the treatment, as long as the treated area has no broken or cracked skin.
  • Take quick, cold showers and no hot baths or showers for at least 24 hours.
  • Protect the treated  area from direct sunlight.
  • Eat a healthy diet and keep the body hydrated.

Who are suitable candidates for laser facial hair reduction?

Ideal candidates for laser facial hair reduction in Delhi are:

  • Adult women with unwanted facial hair
  • People with unbleached facial hair or darker hair and lighter skin- a visible contrast between skin and hair
  • Individuals who have no sun-damaged or tanned skin or any active infection/injury on their face
  • Non-pregnant women.

What is the cost of laser facial hair reduction?

The cost of laser facial hair reduction in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India) is offered at a very competitive cost at Luxury Aesthetics Centre.

The cost of the treatment can vary from patient to patient. It depends on several factors like target area of the face, hair density, number of sessions offered, doctor experience, and location of the clinic.

To get rid of unwanted facial hair in Delhi consult the skin experts at Luxury Aesthetics Centre.

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