Ultherapy is the only US-FDA-approved procedure that is non-invasive for tightening and lifting the brow, chin, and neck. The treatment also helps reduce wrinkles not only on the face but also neck and decolletage. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which naturally leads to skin rejuvenation.

How Does Ultherapy Work?

Ultherapy uses focussed ultrasound energy to target tissues under the skin to generate heat. The ultrasound waves are aimed at muscle, skin, and superficial wrinkles. This leads to increased production of collagen and elastin.


Areas of Treatment for Ultherapy

Ultherapy is usually used on the face, neck, and chest. It is also used for lifting brows, tightening the chin area (jowls) and the wrinkles of the chest. The flabby skin on the stomach can also be tightened with cutting-edge Ultherapy treatment.

Result of Ultherapy

Ultherapy helps in the skin being tightening and reduces sagging and wrinkles. While results can be seen soon after the first session, and multiple sessions may not be needed. The results can be seen initially right after the treatment, but real improvements will start showing up after 2−3 months. All treatments are designed as per the client's requirements.

Advantage of Ultherapy

Typically, Ultherapy is a clinically proven non-invasive alternative for the surgical treatments of facial rejuvenation and can even be a better option for those who wish to add elegance to their skin tone with no downtime and no surgical procedure.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy (special sound waves) to heighten collagen stores under the skin’s surface thereby firming skin. It is a non – invasive treatment used to lift and tighten loose skin. The treatment helps in tightening the neck, chin, eyebrows, and chest wrinkles. Ultherapy can penetrate at different depths based on how the ultrasound energy is focussed.