HIFU is a medical abbreviation for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It is a new-age, non-invasive, aesthetic technology that is mainly used for facial rejuvenation and skin tightening.
This technique uses sound waves of greater than 20 kHz- the ultrasound energy to heat the skin dermis and deep middle skin layers. Once the cells in the targeted area reach a certain temperature, they experience cellular damage which stimulates the cells to produce more collagen — a protein that provides structure to the skin. This results in tighter, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles and a youthful appearance. One can get the benefits of HIFU treatment in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India) with the skin experts of Luxury Aesthetics Centre.

Concern Treated by HIFU

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

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Why should you opt for HIFU?

  • It is a non-invasive technique used as an anti-aging treatment.  
  • It has many aesthetic benefits including skin smoothening, wrinkles reduction, double-chin reduction, skin tightening for loose/sagging skin, jawline definition enhancement, and lifting of cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, and neck skin.
  • The treatment does not harm the superficial skin and keeps the surrounding tissues undamaged. That’s because the ultrasound energy is passed into the skin to heat the tissues beneath the skin's surface.

  • As there are no incisions involved and the procedure is performed through the skin, there is minimal to no downtime and no lengthy recovery.
  • HIFU treatment is quick and tolerable, so you can consider it as your non-invasive lunchtime facelift.
  • It gets the body to build its collagen.
  • It delivers natural results.

What to expect from HIFU treatment?

A HIFU consultation

Before embarking on HIFU treatment in Delhi for the face or other body sites, the patients need to go for an initial consultation with their provider. This is essential to check on their candidacy for the treatment and for allowing the provider to understand their goals and expectations. The therapist provides details about the entire treatment process, assesses the area that needs to be treated, and discusses the anticipated results.

Before HIFU Treatment

Those who are considering undergoing HIFU treatment near me, need no special preparation before the procedure. The pre-treatment instructions provided by the specialist include:

  • Refrain from overexposure of the target site to the sunlight as tanned or sunburnt skin cannot be treated by HIFU. To avoid direct sun exposure, wear sun-protective clothing and daily apply broad-spectrum sunscreens on the skin before stepping out in the daytime.
  • Avoid applying any products on the skin that could irritate the skin.
  • If on antibiotics of course, stop their use beforehand as they make the skin more photo-sensitive. 

  • On the day of treatment, arrive early at the treatment centre and avoid wearing make-up and applying moisturisers or any other skin product.
  • Check-in with the skin experts about anything that could impair the HIFU treatment process and accordingly schedule the treatment session.

Good Candidate for HIFU

HIFU treatment is suitable for people having mild to moderate skin laxity where their skin has just begun to feel and look less firm. It works best on healthy men and women aged above 30 years who hold realistic expectations from their treatment outcome. HIFU is not recommended for anyone having skin lesions, cold sores, fever,  severe acne, or metallic implants. or severely damaged skin at the treatment site.
Of course, the best way to find out if you’re eligible for HIFU treatment is to consult with the skin doctors at Luxury Aesthetics Centre.

During the HIFU treatment

Firstly, the aesthetician in Delhi at Luxury Aesthetics Centre cleans the treatment site. This is done to ensure that the skin to be treated is free of dirt, grease, or makeup. Next, the technician applies a local numbing cream on the target skin. The use of topical anaesthesia is not necessary, but its use helps the patients experience a comfortable HIFU treatment.
Once the treatment area is clean and numb, an ultrasound gel is applied all over the area to be treated. The technician then places the HIFU device against the skin and adjusts it to the right setting using an ultrasound viewer. With the help of the HIFU device, short pulses of ultrasound energy are focussed onto the treatment site. The overall procedure takes 30-90 minutes, depending upon the concern being treated and the location/ size of the treatment site. After ultrasound energy is directed to an entire targeted area, the HIFU device is removed.


  • Do not expose the treated skin to sunlight and cold temperatures for a few weeks. It's encouraged to use sunblock cream to prevent direct contact of sunlight with the skin. Avoiding sun exposure should be continued until the entire HIFU process gets over.
  • Acid based products should be avoided.
  • Avoid swimming
  • Water consumption should increase to keep the body well-hydrated. With enough water intake, the recovery rate after HIFU treatment is increased.
  • Avoid taking hot showers or baths. It’s best to use lukewarm water.
  • Wait for at least 2 days to do an intense workout or get indulged in any sweating, strenuous physical activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a HIFU Treatment take?

The length of the non-invasive skin tightening in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India) will depend on the area being treated and your treatment plan. A face and neck procedure typically takes 90 minutes, while HIFU treatment on the chest takes approximately 30 minutes.

Will I need to take leave from work?

No. With a single HIFU therapy in Delhi, there is no downtime. After your procedure, you can resume your normal activities immediately, without having to follow any special post-treatment instructions.

What Does HIFU Treatment Feel Like?

As the ultrasound energy is focused onto the target area, you will feel tiny amounts of energy being deposited to precise depths. Some patients describe the feeling as a prickly sensation or like tiny electric pulses. Every patient is expected to feel different in different treatment sites during the treatment as comfort levels vary from person to person. Some patients report less pain than others, depending upon their pain tolerance level and the type of HIFU device used. The HIFU machine delivers ultrasound energy at fast shot speeds which is gentle for the skin. But, the sensation on the skin only lasts while the ultrasound energy is being delivered.

How Many HIFU Treatments Will I Need?

Most clients only need to be treated once to enjoy the benefits of HIFU. However, some clients may get desired results with additional treatments, usually 2-6 sessions spaced 1-3 months apart. As the skin continues to age, future touch-up treatments can help clients keep pace with the body’s natural ageing process.

Is HIFU Safe?

Yes. The HIFU procedure has been used safely in over 250,000 aesthetic treatments worldwide. Ultrasound energy itself has been used in the medical field for more than 50 years without causing any health risks.

Does HIFU treatment have any side effects?

Yes, but they are minor and resolve soon. Following the treatment and even during it, the skin might appear flushed. However, the post-treatment redness disappears within a few hours. Some patients experience mild swelling, tingling, or tenderness to the touch, but all these side effects are temporary. Other, less common post-procedural effects may include temporary bruising or numbness on small areas of skin.

How long does it take to see results and how long do they last?

After your HIFU Treatment, you may see some initial skin improvements, but the ultimate results will be noticed in 2-3 months, as your body naturally regenerates collagen. If the skin is properly cared for after the treatment, the results of HIFU treatment last for about 8-12 months.

Can HIFU treatment work for weight loss, body sculpting, or inch loss?

Yes. HIFU treatment is very effective for both fat loss and inch loss along with skin tightening. It works well for getting the post-pregnancy tummy back to its earlier state, getting rid of stubborn abdomen fat, bingo wings (large, loose skin flaps of upper arms), and thigh fat; and achieving non-invasive bum-lifting effect when performed under the buttocks.

What is the typical price of HIFU treatment?

The cost of HIFU treatment varies from one patient to another. Many factors decide the cost of HIFU treatment in Delhi. These include the length of the treatment course, the location of the centre where HIFU is performed, the expertise or experience of the HIFU provider, and the quality of the HIFU device being used.
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