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Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Surgery in Delhi

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A male breast reduction surgery is the most effective way of treating enlarged breasts or gynecomastia in men. The main aim of this cosmetic surgery procedure is to remove excess glandular tissue and fat for restoring masculine, firmer, and flatter contour to the chest. At Luxury Aesthetic Clinic, you can be assured to get the best treatment for this condition.

Because of the use of some medicine or genetics, or other unknown reasons, some men develop enlarged breasts. It is estimated that a large number of men suffer from some degree of enlarged male breasts during their lifetime. It not only affects confidence but also the freedom to wear clothes like swimwear. The condition can occur at any age, and male breast reduction surgery can be done successfully and safely on adult men and teenagers.

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What is Gynecomastia?

It refers to a condition of enlarged or overdeveloped breasts among men that can happen at any age. The condition can be consequential to the use of drugs, hormonal changes, obesity, or heredity. As mentioned above, it can impair your self-image and self-confidence and cause emotional distress. Some men might also avoid intimacy and physical activities to hide their overly large breasts.

It is characterized by:

  • Excess development of glandular tissues
  • Presence on one breast or both breasts
  • Excess deposit of localized fat
  • In some cases, excess breast skin

Who is the right candidate for enlarged male breasts?

Candidates for this cosmetic surgery include:

  • Men whose development of breasts has stabilized.
  • Men whose condition cannot be treated through any other medical treatment.
  • Those who have normal weight and are physically healthy.
  • Those who do not take drugs.
  • Those who have realistic expectations and a positive attitude.
  • Healthy men who do not suffer from chronic or life-threatening ailments that can impair the process of healing.
  • Men get worried by the feeling that they have overly large size of breasts.
  • Men with specific goals and a positive outlook for improving the symptoms of this condition.

Adolescents might benefit from this surgical procedure, though, the need for a second procedure might arise if the breast development continues.

How is male breast reduction surgery done?

Here are the steps involved in gynecomastia surgery:


To make the entire procedure comfortable, medications are administered. These options include general anesthesia and intravenous sedation. Your plastic surgeon will suggest the best option for you.

Liposuction Method

In some patients where the condition is consequential to the outcomes of excess fatty tissue, liposuction methods alone might be used. In this technique, several small incisions are made for inserting a cannula and a thin hollow tube. The surgeon moves the cannula in a back-and-forth motion for loosening the excess fat which is then removed from the body using vacuum suction. Many liposuction methods can be used. The surgeon will recommend the best method after considering several factors.

Excision Method

This method is used in conditions where excess skin or glandular tissue has to be removed for correcting gynecomastia. Excision is also needed if the nipple has to be shifted to a natural male contour or the areola has to be reduced.

Combination of excision and liposuction methods

In some cases, gynecomastia is treated using the combination of both excision and liposuction.

What to expect during recovery from gynecomastia surgery?

After the surgery, bandages or dressings will be applied to the incision. You have to wear a support bra or an elastic bandage for minimizing swelling and supporting newly achieved breast contour as they heal after the procedure. A thin and small tube might be placed under the skin for draining any excess fluid or blood that might accumulate.

Before being discharged from the hospital, you will be given specific instructions that might include how to care for drains and the surgical area, medicines to be taken orally or to be applied for reducing the possibility of infection and promote faster healing. You will also be briefed about the concerns to look for in your overall general health or at the surgical site and when to next visit the plastic surgeon.

Make sure you do ask the doctor all concerns and questions about what to expect during the recovery period.

  • When to get back to normal exercise and activities?
  • where you will be kept after surgery is performed?
  • Are stitches have to be removed? If yes, then when?
  • What medications will be prescribed after the procedure?
  • When to visit the surgeon for follow-up care?

To make recovery fast, be sure you adhere to the instructions given by the plastic surgeon and visit them as scheduled.

In many cases, the results of the male breast reduction surgery are permanent. However, if you suffer from this condition because of the use of some prescribed drugs including steroids, medications, or weight gain, you should be free from the intake of these substances at least a few weeks before the surgery. Maintain a stable weight to enjoy lasting results. Do not make any changes to the prescription before consulting the plastic surgeon.

Recovering from male breast reduction surgery at home

If you experience any kind of an unusual heartbeat, shortness of breath, or chest pains, visit the doctor immediately. If any of these complications occur, you might need immediate hospitalization and treatment. For successful and timely recovery, follow the instructions given by the surgeon.

What are the results of male breast reduction surgery?

The results of this cosmetic surgery procedure are immediately visible. Over time, incision lines and post-surgical swelling would resolve. You will be more satisfied with your new chest contours as you recover from the procedure. It might take three to six months to witness the final results of the gynecomastia surgery. Even though incision lines are permanent, they will fade with time.

Male breast reduction surgery scars

Surgical treatment for correcting enlarged male breasts will need incisions. While these lines are concealed within the natural contour of breasts, some may remain visible. It is important to know that scars consequential to male breast reduction surgery are permanent, though some scars are hidden in the natural contours of the chest. Your improved body will not boost your self-confidence and image but also gives you a new lease of life as you can wear clothes of your choice.

The need for another surgery might arise in the following conditions.

  • To treat any complications that might happen.
  • To perform additional repositioning or tightening of the breasts.

The results of the male breast reduction surgery depend on several factors. It is only after consulting the plastic surgeon that you will get to know the best treatment method and approach.

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi

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