waterless medical  pedicure

Waterless Medical Pedicure

Luxury Aesthetics Clinic's waterless manicures and pedicures are the best way to take care of and pamper your always-on-duty hand and feet. The relaxing, comforting, and painless treatment procedure ensures healthy being and aesthetic beauty of both hands and feet and makes them look and feel healthy, attractive, and revitalized instantly. Nourish your hands and feet without compromising on Hygiene and Safety Standards.

Beautiful Nails & Fabulous Hands & Feet for Long!

Luxury Aesthetics Clinic's WaterlessManicure & Pedicure Treatment delivers long-lasting results and is a perfect course of treatment for diabetics as it reduces the risk of ulcers and improves the sensitivity of the feet. This non-invasive treatment is capable of gently treating and relieving the condition of ingrown toenails, and treat disfigured and discolored nails with special instruments or equipment such as the fine drills and burrs, gently removing the dead or diseased area and even out the nail plate.

waterless medical  pedicure

How does it work?

The waterless manicure and pedicure ensure exceptionally long-lasting results. Hand and feet are relaxed with reflexology prior which the corns, hard, dry skin and calluses are safely removed, and the nails are cut, shaped, and buffed using sterile precision instruments to maintain good health and shape.

Formulation Of The Potent Waterless Medical Manicure & Pedicure

The potent and breakthrough treatment formulation has healing, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties that leave the hands and feet with a lighter, softer, and moisturized look and feel, grooming and polishing them to make them look the healthiest and nourished in their truest best sense.

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