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It is a cosmetic surgical procedure for constructing or repairing a vagina. This procedure can treat Any pelvic floor complication, disease, childbirth defect, or vaginal injury. It is easy to create a transgender vagina that helps in getting the preferred sex identity.

This procedure can also tighten loose vaginal muscles due to aging or childbirth. It is combined with labiaplasty to develop or correct labia or vaginal lips. It is performed on both labia major and minor. There are different types of vaginoplasty to treat several problems.

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Types of Vaginoplasty

1. Sigmoid or Intestinal

In this procedure type, the cosmetic surgeon creates a neovagina by using the section of the sigmoid colon. It is done with minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery because it involves small incisions.

The small colon piece is detached to rotate through the vagina lining. It can produce mucus which makes the vagina naturally lubricated. It is stretchy enough that it feels like a regular vagina.

2. Peritoneal

It is also known as Luohu surgery. With the help of the abdominal cavity lining, the vagina is created. It is also done with a laparoscopic procedure. There is no need to use any dilation device to develop and maintain the vaginal opening.

3. McIndoe

This procedure is quite different from intestinal and peritoneal. There is no need for abdominal surgery for developing the lining. With the help of a skin graft, the vaginal lines are created.

These skin grafts are placed on the mold of the vagina with some space. The mold is used for several months to heal the vagina. You need to use lubricants because your vagina may not develop enough mucus.

4. Buccal Mucosa

It is a lining tissue of the mouth, and it is similar to the vagina. It helps in creating mucus, and it is hairless. This lining is perfect for creating neovagina. It is not a standard procedure like other types. The surgeon needs to get tissues from your face, and it will be a different procedure.

5. Penile Inversion

This method is for transgender women. The outer skin of the penis is removed to develop the vaginal lining. The penis head is used to create the clitoris. You have to use a dilation device to maintain its depth for a lifetime. There is no self-lubrication. This method is widely preferred to transform a male genital into a female one.

Who is the Best Candidate for Vaginoplasty?

  • Anyone who needs to correct childbirth defects
  • Women who need to improve sexual function
  • Transgender who wants gender affirmation procedure
  • Anyone having congenital disorders that are affecting the vagina

How to Prepare for the Vaginoplasty Procedure?

Before vaginoplasty surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will examine your health and ask your medical history. The patient will get all the procedure details, including the benefits, risks, and other necessary information. In case of minimizing complications, you must quit smoking. Several pre-operative things will be done, like the removal of pubic hair.


1. Vaginoplasty to Correct Childbirth Defects

The procedure starts with the removal of extra skin. With the help of stitches, the loose tissues or skin is secured in the vagina. The cosmetic surgeon will reduce the size of the vagina. If anyone has congenital defects, the surgeon will create a functional vagina and remove all the abnormal and excessive tissue. During mensuration, the blood flow is prevented from pooling.

2. Vaginoplasty for Gender Affirmation

If any transgender wants to change genital parts from male to female. The male genital will be removed partially, and the left part is reconfigured. With the help of the skin of the scrotum and penis, the vaginal labia and canal are created.

The penile inversion vaginoplasty surgery is done by injecting local anesthesia. It involves the removal of testicles, and a new vaginal cavity is carved in between the rectum and urethra. In the cavity, a penile prosthesis is inserted to make its perfect shape. The triangular penis glans is used to make the clitoris. After removal of the urethra, repositioning of different parts is done.

Benefits of Vaginoplasty

  • Perfect shape and size of the vagina
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Improvement in sexual satisfaction
  • No mensuration issues
  • No painful urination
  • Preferred gender for transgender

How to Recover After Vaginoplasty?

Within a few weeks or months, you will recover from vaginoplasty. You have to take prescribed medicines. The postsurgical care will depend on the type of vaginoplasty surgery. You have to follow all the post-operative instructions given by your surgeon. You need to use a vaginal dilator to maintain the depth of the vagina for at least one year. The duration and diameter of the dilator will change with time.

Why Should You Choose Us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Difference Between Reconstructive and Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery?

Reconstructive vaginal surgery is done to correct various birth defects. It involved repairing malformed vagina, treating vaginal agenesis, short vagina, etc. The vaginal reconstruction or repair helps a girl in having normal urination, sexual intercourse, and menstruation. On the other hand, cosmetic vaginal surgery is about changing the aesthetics of the vagina.

2. Is It Necessary to Use Vaginal Dilator?

The surgeon may suggest you use the vaginal dilator. It is a device that helps in stretching the inside walls of the vagina. It is necessary to maintain its caliber and depth. You will need this device after the surgery.

3. When Should You Contact Your Healthcare Provider After the Surgery?

The cosmetic surgeon will fix appointments after the surgery to observe your recovery. But anything can happen anytime, and you have to contact your healthcare provider whenever you experience any complication like excessive bleeding, blood clots, vomiting, and severe pain.

4. Is Vaginoplasty Similar to Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The vaginoplasty procedure helps in improving the functioning and appearance of the vagina. When it comes to rejuvenation, there are two other surgeries, labiaplasty, and vulvoplasty. The labiaplasty helps in changing the labia size. The vulvoplasty helps in reshaping the outer section of the vagina.


  • I am happy with the satisfactory results of my vaginoplasty. I approached an experienced cosmetic surgeon to do this procedure. Within a few months, I got the desired vagina and have no urination issues. I got the best treatment and aftercare, which is quite appreciating.
  • I was scared of vaginoplasty because it was a complicated decision for me. But now, I am fine and doing great with my neovagina. I am feeling like a woman, and it is the best feeling that I have ever gotten. Thanks!!

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