scanty brows face feature

Scanty Brows Face Feature Correction

Waking up with the most perfect face and enhanced features, and looking perfect, fresh, and effortlessly on the go is what we have always wanted and craved for. At Luxury Aesthetics Clinic, we introduce comprehensive advanced treatment solutions for your hassle-free ever readiness being the semi-permanent replacement to the long, tiring, and oh not so perfect makeup regimens, so for that we have micro-pigmentation, using a patented Nano-Blading Technology more popularly known as Semi-Permanent Make-Up, and other treatments too to cater your needs.

Semi-Permanent Make-Up Treatment using the nano blading technique is an aesthetic specialty available at Luxury Aesthetics Clinic, that helps improve, correct and enhance your natural features with the medical-grade equipment scientifically proven technique and pigments safe for use making the appearance look natural and worth a glance.

scanty brows face feature

Our face is framed and characterized by the look of our eyes, brows, and lips. Cosmetic tattooing or microblading, a semi-permanent makeup treatment helps correct, enhance and give a natural effect with desirable results and on the basis of the facial structure, and lasts for up to 3 years. The results give you the readiness and spontaneity to go wherever and whenever you like, without much ado.

Scanty Eyebrows

Scanty or distorted eyebrows are not at all appealing to any of us. Perfectly shaped, filled bold brows are what are desirable for giving you a certain look and lift to your our eyes. Perfectly shaped and filled in brows add contour to the face giving it a more youthful expression and ready-to-go bold-confident look feels. The treatment procedure makes hair-like strokes of pigments with fine applicators to enhance the eyebrows, making them look naturally well-defined.Best for:

  • Excessive threading or over tweezing
  • Eyebrows that are sparse due to age or genetics
  • Eyebrows that are not shaped properly due to traumatic scars
  • Eyebrow loss due to surgeries, diseases, or medications

The procedure helps to cut on the time and efforts of everyday hassles of drawing them with brow pencils or in-fills


Those perfectly winged, even liners on the lids for the wider, prettier eyes, defining them in their truest sense are what every woman wants. It is difficult for many to get those wings even and right, and that on a daily basis is tiring, especially for those with shaky hands poor vision.

Eyeliner can be applied to enhance the eyelashes or to give a different look to the eyes, such as cat-eye, retro winged, classic, etc, and are also applied as a slightly thicker line to define the natural look of the eyes.

Lip Color

Go forth and be amazing with those fabulous lips and the lip color they have defining the feature aesthetically. It is a revolutionary treatment for those having very thin lips or with lost lip borders, defining them and correcting their shape symmetry giving a fuller, flushed look, with the perfect natural-looking look, blended in with the body.

Paramedical Micropigmentation

The flaws and imperfections in our facial features can be corrected and camouflaged by medical micro-pigmentation in a variety of ways such as in skin conditions like vitiligo, pigmentation, and scars. Areola, post mastectomies, or breast reconstructive surgeries can be undergone through the treatment procedure. For those with excessive hair fall, or scanty hair, or partial or complete baldness, Scalp micro pigmentation works really well in improving the appearance of hair thickness.


Vitiligo, a long-term skin condition with patches of the skin losing their pigment can also be treated if stable, and so is with hypopigmented patches. At the very beginning of the starting procedure session, the client is counseled and the treatment area is color tested to get the correct color match to your normal skin. Upon examining analyzing required sessions are determined depending on the size of the patch.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Balding is one big reason in men for lower self-esteem, and that in patterns in women too also does no less harm of the biggest aesthetic concerns which makes it a big aesthetic concern for one's appearance. The condition can be successfully treated with full efficacy through Micropigmentation. The treatment helps stimulate hair follicles on the scalp, giving it a fuller, denser, luscious, and appealing appearance. The treatment best works in comprehension with hair restoration treatments like PRP Therapy and post-hair transplant.

Areola Reconstruction

Nipple or Areola can be reconstructed through this Micropigmentation multi-technique post mastectomies due to breast cancer or other reasons, giving a very natural appearance and helping conceal the surgery scars.

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