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Lip Augmentation (Filler) Surgery in Delhi

Get the best cost of lip augmentation surgery in Delhi at Luxury Aesthetics Clinic, to plump up and shape your lips, restoring youthful volume of the lower lip, upper lip, or both lips by the best lip augmentation or lip enhancement surgeon in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India).

Full, sensual and attractive lips have always been a dream of many people. They give your facial appearance and aesthetic appeal. If you are not happy with the appearance of your lips, you can consider undergoing Lip Augmentation. It is performed with dermal fillers or lip implants to plump up lips and improve the facial look. Those who have thin lips can get the best results from this cosmetic surgery procedure. Recovery time after this surgery is short making lip augmentation one of the popular and easiest ways to make the face attractive and appealing.

Who is the right candidate for lip augmentation surgery?

There are several that make this cosmetic surgery procedure popular. Here are some reasons you might want to consider lip augmentation surgery.

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  • Ideal candidates for lip augmentation are those who want to create a fuller look or plump up thin lips. If you smile and your top or both lips disappear, you can benefit from lip augmentation surgery.
  • Some methods can enhance the appearance of uneven lips, the mouth’s shape, and gum-show when you smile.
  • Contrary to it, if your lip overwhelms your face or your lips are too large, you can discuss with your plastic surgeon about lip reduction surgery.

If you are in overall good health, realistic expectations, and have a positive attitude, you are an ideal candidate for this cosmetic surgery procedure.

Why consider undergoing lip augmentation?

If you have thin, asymmetrical, or lined lips then you can consult a cosmetic surgeon at Luxury Aesthetic Clinic to find out about lip enhancement surgery. Our team of cosmetic surgeons is experienced, qualified, and trained to ensure you get the best results for this surgery. The treatment can address your concerns so that you can feel more confident when you smile. Some changes that a trained and experienced plastic surgeon can make through lip augmentation surgery include:

  • Improve symmetry between the lower and upper lip.
  • Restore volume to aging or thin lips.
  • Refine the shape of flat or thin lips.
  • Smooth vertical lip lines.

How to prepare for lip augmentation surgery?

Before undergoing lip augmentation surgery, you will be given instructions by the cosmetic surgeon. Make sure you follow them to get the best results. If you are undergoing lip implant and fat transfer procedures, you should:

  • Not wear contact lenses, make-up, and jewelry on the day of the procedure.
  • Avoid drinking or eating any meal or food after midnight on the day of the surgery.
  • Have someone drive home after the procedure.
  • Stop intake of vitamins, herbs, and medications a few weeks before the lip enhancement surgery.
  • Wear comfortable clothes on the day of the procedure.

The lip augmentation surgery with derma fillers is a less invasive procedure compared to the placement of lip implants, and the fat transfer with liposuction.

How is lip augmentation surgery done?

There are different techniques to perform lip augmentation surgery. Cosmetic surgeons at Luxury Aesthetic Clinic will give you options depending on your recovery time frame and aesthetic goals. It might be necessary to undergo two or more of these cosmetic procedures to get the right look.

Injections – Fat Transfer

In this procedure, autologous fat that is fat from your body is taken through liposuction from some other body part and injected into your lips. Administration of injections might be required until you get the desired outcome.

Injection – Fillers

Fillers made from synthetic biocompatible or a natural material like hyaluronic or collagen acid acts as a substitute to plump up the lips. You can get the desired results in one sitting. The results for this treatment are temporary and you might have to repeat injections.

Surgery – Dermal Graft

A permanent technique of augmentation of the lip is achieved by surgically advancing the lip forward. In this procedure, incisions are placed inside the mouth. a dermal-fat graft extracted from the deeper layers of the skin might be repositioned under the lining of the lip, mucosa, for adding plumpness.

Surgery – Vermillion Advancement

In this procedure, an incision is made along the border of the colored parts of the lips, removing a strip of skin right outside the border and pulling the colored part for increasing the area of the lips.

Surgery – Lip Implant

Lip implants can be placed through small incisions inside the corners of the mouth. You can choose from several synthetic or natural implant options the one that is best recommended by your surgeon.

Surgery – Lip Lift

Removing extra skin and lifting the lips is an ideal approach for those who have a downward sloping mouth or loose skin. To increase the upper lip, the doctor makes the incision under the nose and the skin is shortened for pulling up the lips. Other lift methods can shorten the upper lip for exposing more teeth. For lifting a downward turning mouth, the doctor makes small incisions on the side of the mouth and removes extra skin. The incisions are closed with small sutures and removed four to five days after the procedure.


The recovery period after lip augmentation surgery is short. In most cases, patients can get back to their normal routine within a day or two after the procedure.

What happens after the procedure?

Lip augmentation when done through fat transfer or lip fillers procedures or the insertion of lip implants is done in the clinic of the cosmetic surgeon. The duration of recovery from lip augmentation depends on the type of lip augmentation performed. In most cases, however, patients can get back to their routine work within a day of the procedure. If a general sedative is used for performing the procedure, then resuming normal routine activities might take time. You can expect bruising and swelling after the procedure. The effects might last for a week or ten days if fillers are used for the augmentation procedure, and up to three weeks in the lip implant method is used. Discomfort during the recovery process is minimal. Medications are prescribed for managing and pain and discomfort.

How long the results of the lip augmentation procedure last?

How long the outcome of lip enhancement will last depend on several factors such as treatment method and approach and your reaction to it.

  • Vermillion advancements, dermal grafting, lip lifting, and lip implants provide permanent results.
  • The result of filler injections depends on the type of filler used. While some dermal fillers last for a year, others last for three to six months.
  • Fat injections might need multiple injections however can lead to permanent lip augmentation.

Do visit the surgeon for a follow-up checkup. This will not only ensure healthy but also lasting results. If you have any concerns or questions, ask your cosmetic surgeon.

Cost of Lip Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

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