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Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Get the best cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi / Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi at Luxury Aesthetics Clinic by the best Dermatologist in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India) to get rid of unwanted hair from your Body, Face, Legs, Chest Hair, and Bikini Area Hair With latest Laser Hair Removal Technology.

Laser Hair Reduction may be the right answer for you, if you are unhappy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair. Luxury Aesthetics Clinic's Laser Hair Reduction is one of the safest, quick & highly effective non-surgical & non-invasive hair reduction treatments that incurs no pain technology. The treatment procedure uses laser beams concentrating into hair follicles, eventually destroying them.

Lasers help reducing or to remove unwanted hair

Lasers help reducing or to remove unwanted hair from the face, leg, chin, back, arm, underarm, bikini line, and other areas without the horror of waxing pain, nicks, and cuts of razor, or bruises of harsh hair removal creams. Get satin, smooth, bare skin with Luxury Aesthetics Clinic's USFDA approved Laser Hair Reduction Treatment and welcome long-lasting, hair-free skin...

laser hair reduction

Anyone with hormonal imbalance, genetic effects, or medication effects can take advance of this treatment. The treatment is completely personalized and shows instant visible results straight after the first treatment session and moves towards full efficacy on completion of the entire treatment procedure.

Treatments Available at Luxury Aesthetics Clinic:

Every individual is treated on the basis of the severity of hair growth and a number of treatment sessions are determined post thoroughly examining & response to the treatment only. Results may vary from person to person. The treatment is completely non-invasive and painless and incurs no downtime. Those with medical complexities require medical intervention.


Facial & Body Hair

Painful waxing salon appointments, razor nicks, and removal cream burns are now the talk of the past with Luxury Aesthetics Clinic's advanced-comprehensive, pain-free, laser hair reduction treatment solution. Forget the traditional methods of body hair removal of waxing, threading, shaving, and hair removal creams and explore the world-class laser hair reduction treatment technology at Luxury Aesthetics Clinic, being all comfortable, effective, and virtually painless with lasting-optimal, smooth finished results. The laser beams highly concentrated light into pigmented hair follicles eventually destroying the hair. The number of treatment sessions may vary from person to person on the basis of the area to be treated and the density of the hair growth with a 4-8 weekly gap ensures satisfactory results in hair reduction.

The experts at Luxury Aesthetics Clinic are highly trained professionals in the industry having years of experience. All the treatment procedures are carried out only after evaluating the client to be treated, before the treatment, to curate personalized treatments and analyzing each session personally. to decide which parts need to be treated.

In case of a hormonal imbalance, or any other medical condition medical therapy is started alongside.

Hormonal Imbalance

Body Hair is highly disliked and unwanted unless it is where it should really be. An increased amount of body hair is known as Hypertrichosis.

Hormonal imbalance in the body leads to a condition called Hirsutism tending to an increase in the circulating androgens, causing excessive hair growth in different parts of the body.

Virilization is a combination of signs and symptoms which include hirsutism (excessive hair growth), acne, androgenetic alopecia (hair loss), menstrual irregularities, and other symptoms which are manifested by an excess of androgens.

Hormonal Imbalance may occur due to PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), poor lifestyle, idiopathic, or racial or hereditary variations. Hair may grow excessively in these 9 different body areas:

  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Side locks going on the cheeks
  • Chest
  • Upper and Lower Back
  • Upper and Lower Abdomen
  • Upper Arm
  • Thigh

Cost of Laser Hair Removal (Reduction) Treatment in Delhi

We offer the most affordable laser hair removal cost in Delhi. And that’s too without compromising on quality. You can contact us right away to know more about our cost-effective laser hair reduction for both men and women treatment packages in Delhi.

*Results & number of sessions to be undergone vary from person to person on the basis of their skin sensitivity & condition