hair regrowth solution

Hair Regrowth Solution

Now, it is possible to look young and heal your injuries with effective therapy. You might have heard of injection therapy, in which Plasma is injected into the patient. With the help of plasma, it is easy to promote hair growth and get relief from pain or inflammation. Know more about Plasma injection therapy and get better health.

About Plasma Therapy

It is a trending therapy to heal various injuries by injecting Plasma. Plasma is a blood component containing proteins that helps in clotting the blood and promote cell growth. When Plasma is injected into damaged tissues, it repairs and stimulates your body to make it heal quickly. It is easy to combine this therapy with others.


How to Know If You are the Right Candidate for Plasma Therapy?

You need to consult your medical professional for this therapy. Your doctor will check your medical history and conduct specific examinations. After studying the diagnosis, it is easy to detect whether you need this treatment or not. The treatment will start with the non-surgical procedures, and in case of severity, the surgical procedure can be performed.

How are the Plasma Injections Used?

The Plasma injections can be used for various applications:

  • Hair Loss: The plasma is injected into the scalp to promote hair growth. It is combined with other therapies and prevents hair loss. This therapy treats androgenic alopecia, which is also known as baldness.
  • Tendon Injuries: It is challenging to treat tendons that are thick and tough tissue bands for connecting muscles to bones. The healing of the injury is relatively slow, and therefore, Plasma injections are used to treat chronic tendon problems.
  • Post-Surgical Repair: Plasma injections are used to repair ligaments and torn tendons.
  • Acute Injuries: It is easy to treat sports injuries like knee sprains, pulled muscles of hamstrings, etc.
  • Osteoarthritis: Many people face knee problems at an older age. The Plasma injections are better than hyaluronic injections to treat osteoarthritis.

How to Prepare Yourself to Take Plasma Injections?

There are many ways to inject Plasma into different patients. People who consider hair loss treatment with Plasma require numbing lidocaine solution to be applied on the scalp. The treatment may take a lot of time. In many cases, the plasma is mixed with local anesthesia to minimize the level of discomfort.

Process of Plasma Injections

There are the following steps to do the process of Plasma injections:

  • The professional will take your blood sample depending on the amount of injected Plasma. It is around 20 mm.
  • After placing the blood into a centrifuge, the blood components get separated. It takes 15 minutes to separate the blood and plasma.
  • The separated plasma is prepared to inject into an affected area.
  • With the help of ultrasound, it is easy to detect the affected area. The professional will then inject the plasma into that area.

What is the Cost of Plasma Therapy?

The Plasma therapy involves three treatments that continue for four to six weeks. Various maintenance treatments last for four to six months. The entire cost may vary as per different locations, nutritional components, and equipment quality. Generally, the price may range from $1500 to $3500. Many people can also consider insurance policies to get this treatment.

Recovery Time After Taking Plasma Injections

After taking Plasma injections for any injury, it is necessary to keep the affected area at rest. It is possible to do daily activities after the treatment. You can observe the hair growth or immediate injury healing when you get the injections. Within a few weeks or months, you can get positive results.

Advantages of Plasma Treatment

  • There is no need to take a dose of anesthesia during the treatment.
  • The procedure of healing is quite natural.
  • The motion range and overall functionality increase than before.
  • It is easy to get relief from inflammation and pain.
  • The recovery time is relatively short as compared to surgeries.
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