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Derma Pen

The DermaPen is a cutting-edge acne scar treatment that uses a fractional micro-needling device. Microneedling helps in regenerating collagen and this helps reduce acne scars. The procedure is painless, reliable, and gives long-lasting outcomes. It is done by expert estheticians who are well-trained and have years of experience.

How Does Derma Pen Work?

DermaPen uses micro-needling wherein a device with tiny needles is used to make pricks in the skin vertically. This is different from dermaroller where slanting pricks are made. Dermapen with its vertical pricks results in minimal epidermal injury. The pricks initiate the body's natural repair system which means increased production of collagen and elastin. This also allows skincare products to be absorbed efficiently.

derma pen

What Are the Benefits of DermaPen?

Dermapen is the go-to treatment for acne and acne marks. It also helps in reducing pore size, thereby improving the skin texture. It also helps in minimizing stretch marks that occur either due to pregnancy and even extreme weight gain and weight loss. It helps lessen the agony and pain that comes from acne.

Dermapen helps in skin rejuvenation and is the go-to skincare treatment for glowing skin. It also results in skin tightening, reducing scars, and helps heal old injury marks.

Severe pigmentation like that in melasma can be managed as special serums can be delivered deeper into the skin. This gives excellent outcomes.

Why Choose Dermapen?

Dermapen is a popular skin rejuvenation treatment that has been used by many for treating acne, scars, marks, and reducing lines.

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