clearlift and clearskin

Clearlift & Clearskin

ClearLift™ & ClearSkin™ are cutting-edge treatments that consolidate two laser wavelengths for skin rejuvenation. Popularly known as 4D Face-Lift, the treatments are a non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to skin resurfacing and plastic surgery.

How Does ClearLift™ & ClearSkin™ Work?

ClearLift™ & ClearSkin™ uses specialized lasers that penetrate below the skin's surface, which helps reduce pigmentation and stimulates collagen. It does not affect the top layer of the skin as the laser The laser operates on a dispersed design, thereby circumventing the exterior skin.

Benefit of ClearLift™ & ClearSkin™

ClearLift™ treats pigmentation issues like melasma, dark patches, suntanning, uneven skin tone amongst others. It tackles fine lines, deep wrinkles, folds in the skin, and large pores. It works through every layer of the skin with collagen remodeling. It is one of the few treatments that work on tightening loose skin and reducing necklines. ClearSkin™ is the only laser that works on active acne and is the best solution for scars and pits left by acne. It does so by treating oily skin by reducing sebaceous production. It helps tackle acne faster by decreasing inflammation in active acne.

clearlift and clearskin

Is There Any Downtime with ClearSkin™ & ClearSkin™?

There is no downtime with these treatments and one can return to work and an active lifestyle immediately after the session.

What is the Time Frame Needed for ClearSkin™ & ClearSkin™?

Ideally, 5-6 sessions are needed for optimal results, especially for acne, marks, and scars.

Why Choose ClearSkin™ & ClearSkin™?

Besides the treatment benefits, ClearLift™ & ClearSkin™ give prompt comfort and visible results.

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